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Welcome to our Hollywood book to screen adaptation website. We offer a free consultation and first impressions of our professional opinion regarding your book’s suitability for the screen and our suggested film and distribution type – TV or movie, online or traditional distribution, which network, which online streaming video service provider.

Determine if Your Book is Adaptable

The honest truth is that not all books are worth turning into a screenplay. A book making a great read does not necessarily mean that it will translate into a great screenplay. We are here to give you our professional thoughts on your book’s adaptability based on the following:

A fascinating plot
Dynamic and unique characters
High-stake conflict
Cinematic plot lines
Marketability and Commercialism

If at the end of our assessment, we deem your book readily adaptable, we can then commence the planning process for the adaptation.

Planning Your Movie Screen Adaptation – Treatment Writing

A movie treatment is basically a concise guide for the adaptation process. It outlines all the significant aspects of the screenplay and is written in the present tense. Ideally, a treatment should contain a logline, the character description, and the three-act summary.

Logline. The logline summarizes the primary elements or theme of the story in one or two sentences. It briefly captures the chief protagonist(s) in the story, the fundamental conflict with the antagonist(s), and the stakes.

Character Descriptions. The character description is an overview of the significant characters in the story. It may also contain some info about the minor characters whose descriptions are usually less detailed than those of the major characters. Here, the unique attributes and the distinct features of each character is revealed. A well-written character description will provide a clear idea of all the significant players in the movie. It also serves as a guide for their interactions and reactions when faced with different situations in the story.

Summary. When writing a movie script, screenwriters predominantly apply the three-act writing structure. We will provide you with an excellent scene-by-scene overview of your story to aid the adaptation process. For TV shows, we will also include a summary of every episode that makes up the first season. The main parts of the three-act movie structure are listed below:

Act I – Setup: Exposition, Inciting Incident, Plot Point One
Act II – Confrontation: Rising Action, Midpoint, Plot Point Two
Act III – Resolution: Pre-Climax, Climax, Denouement

Once the treatment is complete, we will provide you with a working template for writing the screenplay. More importantly, the treatment will be invaluable in marketing your script. It is what will be sent out to agents, studio executives, movie producers, and even actors. The treatment is essentially the blueprint for your screenplay, which helps to determine if your script will get read and subsequently made into a movie.

Screenwriting – Writing Your Book to Screenplay Adaptation

When we have drafted an ideal treatment for your adaptation, we can then proceed to write your screenplay. Feature films and movie scripts are usually written in three acts. However, we will divide these three acts into four parts. In essence, the second act will be broken into two since it usually comprises half of the screenplay. The installments for the project will, therefore, come in these four significant parts.

First 25 Percent – Act One
We will first write act one, which is usually the first 25 percent of the screenplay. You will go through it and give us your feedback. We will also entertain any questions and revisions you may have. If there is a need, we can further schedule a phone conversation. We will then work on your reviews and resend to you for further feedback. When you’re satisfied with the progress, we can then move onto the second 25 percent.

First 50 Percent – Act Two, part one
Just like in the first 25 percent, we will implement your feedback and if you are satisfied, we will proceed with the next installment.

First 75 Percent – Act Two, part two
You also read and give your thoughts. Consequent upon your approval, we then go on to finalize your screenplay.

Complete Screenplay – Act Three
Here, we complete the screenplay and add the final act. You will have a total overview and also let us know if there is anything you want to be revised or altered.

Finalizing Your Screenplay – Coverage/Feedback & Rewriting

When we have completed the writing of your screenplay with the requested revisions made, you have the option of ordering our professional coverage services for further feedback. We will have a different writer read your script and provide fresh input. You can also share your screenplay with a trusted screenwriter friend of yours to get their opinions and critique.

Marketing Your Screenplay

Having received additional professional feedback, and are fully satisfied with your screenplay, it is time to get it copyrighted. We are experts in marketing scripts and we can make sure to get the word out on your screenplay to the relevant sectors. We handle query letter writing, Amazon publications, and submission to directors, producers, financiers, etc. We endeavor to pull out all the stops in making sure that we get your screenplay sold.